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Yinxin Li
Mechanism and Practice on Plant Salt Tolerance     Professor
1985, BS, Peking University, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 1990, MS, Beijing Forestry University, Genetic Breeding on Landscape Plants. 2001, PhD, IBCAS, Plant Science. 1990-1993, RA, IBCAS. 1993-1999, Assistant Professor, IBCAS. 1999-2001, Associate Professor, IBCAS. 1999-2000, Senior Visiting Scholar, Department of Botany, University of Toronto. 2002-present, Professor, IBCAS. 2001, Outstanding Person with Special Contributions to the National "863" project. Dr. Li has published 54 research papers and applied for 38 patents, including 20 Issued Patents.
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  • Sulian LV

    Associate Professor
  • Lv SL#, Wang DL#, Jiang P, Jia WT, Li YX*. 2021. Variation of PHT families adapts salt cress to phosphate limitation under salinity. Plant Cell and Environment, 45: 1549-1564
  • Lv SL#, Tai F#, Guo J, Jiang P, Lin KQ, Wang D, Zhang X, Li YX*. 2020. Phosphatidylserine synthase from Salicornia europaea is involved in plant salt tolerance by regulating plasma membrane stability. Plant Cell Physiology, 62: 66-79
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  • Fan PX, Nie LL, Jiang P, Feng JJ, Lv SL, Chen XY, Bao H, Guo J, Tai F, Wang JH, Jia WT, Li YX*. 2013. Transcriptome analysis of Salicornia europaea under saline conditions revealed the adaptive primary metabolic pathways as early events to facilitate salt adaptation. PLoS ONE, 8: e80595[more]
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