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Xiaoquan Qi
Plant Metabolism and Disease Resistance     Professor
1984, BSc, Huazhong Agricultural University. 1990, MSc, University of Birmingham. 1998, PhD, Wangeningen university. 1998-2005, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, John Innes Center. 2005-2006, Senior Research Associate, John Innes Center. 2006-now, the group leader of Metabolites and Disease Resistance, The Institute of Botany, CAS.
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  • Bingzhu Hou

    Research Associate
  • Huan Dong

    Associate Professor
  • Bo Song

  • Yingchun Zhang

  • Aimin Ma

  • Mingzhe Che

  • Laibao Feng

    PhD student
  • Xingchen Xiong

    PhD student
  • Bo Liu

    PhD student
  • Cui Li

    PhD student

  • Yuyuan Qiao

    MSc student
  • Rui Wang

    MSc student
  • Chuangxin Ma

    PhD student
  • Dan Wang

    MSc student
  • Yanhong Guo

    MSc student
  • Haojun Ji

    PhD student

  • Yadan Zhang

    MSc student

  • Zhaoyun Song

    MSc student

  • Jianfeng Liu

    MSc student

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