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Jie Le
Plant Epidermal Development and Regulation     Professor
1988, BA, Beijing Agricultural University. 1997, MS, China Agricultural University. 2002, PhD, University of Antwerp(Belgium). 2003-2006, Post-doctoralResearch Assistant, Purdue University(USA). 2006-2008, Research Associate,Ohio State University (USA) and University of British Columbia (Canada). 2008-present, Professor, Principal Investigator.
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  • Jie Le

  • Kezhen Yang

    Associate Professor
  • Chunxia Zhang

    Research Associate
  • Yi Li

    PhD student
  • Min Yan

    PhD student
  • Huichao Liu

    PhD student
  • Qixiumei He

    PhD student
  • Shi Li

    PhD student
  • Jie Zhang

    MSc student

  • Chaoran Zuo

    MSc student
  • Zhibin Fan

    MSc student
  • Junling Yue

    MSc student
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