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Shengwei Zhu
Plant Hormone Function Mechanism     Associate Professor
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  • Shengwei Zhu

    Associate Professor
  • Xiaomin Luo

    Research Associate
  • Shouna Zheng

    MSc student

  • Yuan Ye

    MSc student

  • Shi ZM#, Chen X#, Xue HD#, Jia TT#, Meng FN, Liu YF, Luo XM, Xiao GH*, Zhu SW*. 2022. GhBZR3 suppress cotton fiber elongation by inhibiting very-long-chain fatty acids biosynthesis. Plant Journal,
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  • Zhu SW, Sun JS*. 2000. Rapid plant regeneration from cotton(Gossypium hirsutum L.). Chinese Science Bulletin, 45 (19) : 1771-1774[more]
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